I have been experimenting with using Kodak Vision3 500T motion picture film off and on for the past few months.

My main inspiration was reading a guest article by Brett Price at Steve Huff Photo and I was amazed at his results! I also stumbled upon the ECN-2 group on Flickr which had some discussion of using cinema film for the purpose of still photography. The group is a great resource for learning what other people have done.

Armed with a little bit of knowledge and a lot curiosity, off I went to shoot! All was well so far.

For this particular experiment I developed the film usingΒ a semi-stand development process since I’m a pretty lazy person and I had pushed the film to EI 1000.

It’s at this point where things went wrong. The solution I used to remove the rem-jet was probably too hot, which probably isn’t a big deal. The main problem was during the water wash after the developer step but before the blix, the lid of the tank came off and the film plopped into my sink!! I stuffed the film back into the tank and put the lid back on, but the damage was already done. Well, I was already this far into developing the film, I might as well finish it!

So here’s the end result, direct from the scanner. I lostΒ 10 frames due to light exposure. The odd color shifts could be due to development or light damage or both. The film definitely has it’s own unique feel.

That’s all for this experiment. Time to get back to shooting since I still have another 300ft of film to experiment on!