What better place to photograph Lolita fashion than atop a steep cliff by the ocean! 

I had the pleasure of shooting with Cloverclub Cosplay as part of a small group photoshoot event. We decided to go to Land’s End in San Francisco to be near the ocean and rocky cliffs. Most of my shooting was along the upper terrace of Land’s End, which was still a vibrant green and mostly devoid of people.

On Location

The location was pretty atypical for the Sweet Lolita attire, but it made for a more striking look when contrasting the greenery with the pastel colors of the outfit.

I primarily photographed with a 24mm lens to take in the background and allow me to photograph in much tighter quarters. While the greenery looks expensive, it’s actually not quite as spacious. The photos were taken in available light, which was nice since it was overcast that day.

We packed up the shoot pretty quickly since the fog was rolling in and it was getting cold and misty. Overall I was pleased with the results of the 24mm lens.