Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

A fun and casual Lolita fashion shoot with Katie. I loved Katie’s Baby, the Stars Shine Bright ensemble and thought that the wooded area of Fitzgerald Marine Reserve would serve as a great backdrop. It took us a while to find just the right spots in the wooded areas for shooting. Much of the woods are dead and barren, while really cool, don’t fit well with the look. Thankfully we were able to get some nice golden hour sunlight bleeding through the tree line to create some magical shots.

While the shoot itself was straightforward, I found my greatest conflict when editing the photos. On the one hand, the original color photos are vibrant and true to life. On the other, I have a passion for my alternate black and white edits because they evoke a different and more mature feel. I still have no final decision as to which set of edits I like the best, so I have included both!

My Vision

For this shoot, I wanted to have a magical or enchanted type of theme, and to capture the expensiveness of the location. The look that was portrayed by Katie was very doll-like, and I took that kind of inspiration for some of the posed shots.

When editing the photos, I tried to keep in mind my vision for an enchanted doll look. At the end, I was left with two sets of edits that I love. One in color which I feel best represents my original vision. The other in black and white which has a very visually striking look where I just can’t take my eyes off of.