A quick fashion shoot around downtown Sacramento to celebrate (and test) the arrival of my new Sony A7RII camera!

I was fortunate enough to receive the first allotment of A7RII cameras from B&H. It’s a lot heavier in the hand than I thought it would be. I have the original A7, so the larger and heavier footprint will take some getting used to. Auto focus is vastly improved with the new A7RII and capturing shots was quick and nimble!

For this fashion shoot, I wanted to use the iconic Tower Bridge in Sacramento as a location. I really like the contrast of the burnt gold color of the bridge against Kersten’s black dress. The waterfront provided a nice backdrop with the sun going down and reflecting on the water. Thankfully it wasn’t too hot that day and there was a nice Delta breeze to keep us cool.

Many thanks to Kersten for being my model!