Cosplay shoot at an industrial location

I was asked by Lady Aurora to shoot her Ravager cosplay for a contest. We happened to luck out and got permission to shoot at an undisclosed location which seemed to fit her character since it was very industrial. One of the main aspects of the location that I absolutely loved was all the steam generated by the machinery! Too perfect!

Lighting was particularly good. I used my Einstein E640 flash with 46″ umbrella as a fill light. In retrospect, I wish I brought my Kacey beauty dish instead to minimize the flash spillage into the environment and on the cosplay.

It was a quick two hours and I have very happy to get some great cinematic shots of Lady Aurora. I’m normally a manual focus guy, but I was very thankful to have my auto focus Sony 55mm f/1.8 lens to let me run and gun. I guess I should invest in more FE mount glass!

All in all a very productive shoot!