Don’t call me Gou. Everybody calls me Kou.

I was asked by Kyoka Ichinoya to shoot her Matsuoka Gō cosplay from the anime series Free! on the Monday after Valentine’s Day. Her cosplay was a regular school uniform, so I set my mind into motion thinking of appropriate locations. After going through the regular stuff of looking for schools and swimming pools and such, I was struck by a cool idea and theme for the shoot: a day after school around town!

I eventually settled on Santana Row in San Jose, CA since it had a very boutique atmosphere. It’s an area filled with live music, small shops, restaurants and plenty of foot traffic space. The location turned out great! Security did question us, but no problems. As long as we stayed mobile and didn’t obstruct people from going about their business, all was well.

As the sun was going down, we wrapped it up and got some boba tea. If I were to shoot in Santana Row again, I think I would try out my 40mm lens since I felt that 50mm was a bit too tight, but 35mm was a bit too loose. Definitely would come back again though!